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Chrissy Baker Dot Com Has a New Look!

The website has a whole new look and with that comes a new blog! 2016 has been a great year full of awesome projects: working with the one and only Mark Hamill voicing Harley Quinn along his Joker for Warner Brother Movies World; voicing dozens of characters for the video games Blade & Soul, Aion, & MXM; voicing a national radio spot for Columbus Meats; several spots for House of Current Advertising; performing around Los Angeles with Tupperware Party Improv, including at the LA Indie Fest; and signing commercially and theatrically with AB2 Talent. Thanks for checking out the new site and keep coming back for more updates!

#voiceover #HarleyQuinn #MarkHamill #Improv #TupperwareParty #videogames #representation #agents #AB2 #radio #commercials

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